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Increase in Employment Tribunal Fees

09 January 2018 | Kerry Bell

In July, the Supreme Court ruled that employment tribunal fees were unlawful. Following this decision, the number of claims has already increased threefold. The July ruling found that the fees – which were set up to £1,200 - were “discriminatory” against women

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Employment Legislation 2018

27 December 2017 | Hema Mistry

What employment legislation changes are in store for 2018? As the end of the year 2017 beckons, HR professionals will no doubt be thinking ahead to 2018 and what is to come from an employment legislation perspective.

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Do you Know the 7 Points to Consider for a Work Christmas Party?

14 December 2017

Guidance for employers at a work Christmas party. As the festive spirit kicks in at this time of the year, employers may wish to share some rules with their employees to avoid any legal implications from a work Christmas party.

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Holiday Pay

04 December 2017

A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) looks set to have huge financial ramifications for UK businesses with regards to holiday pay.

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Workplace Investigations - Disciplinary and Grievance

23 November 2017

Comprehensive employee workplace investigations are an effective risk management tool and are potentially critical to any defence by an employer in the event of potentially litigious proceedings.

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Employment Status and Statutory Rights

16 November 2017

Employment status has a big effect on companies especially when it comes to statutory rights. Considering the gig economy, which is growing rapidly, two companies have dominated the news in recent weeks for this reason

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The Finance Bill 2017 and Termination Payments

01 November 2017

The government announced in 2016 that changes would be made to the rules relating to tax and national insurance contributions (NIC) on termination payments that will take effect from 6 April 2018.

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Bereavement Leave

25 October 2017

The right to take up to two weeks’ paid leave (bereavement leave) after the death of a child is expected to become law in 2020 – this will be one of the most generous in the world.

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Positive Mental Health Promotion

19 October 2017 | Kerry Bell

Modern life is a stressful place and it is estimated that one in four of the population will encounter a mental health issue within their lifetime. Therefore, there is greater onus on employers to understand and adapt to this increasing epidemic

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Health and Safety Audits

11 October 2017

What are health and safety audits and why should I do them? Health and safety audits define compliance with health and safety legislation as well as determining if your work activities relate to your planned arrangements (such as how you manage hazardous substances) and whether they are being imple…

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Recruiting - how will you tackle it?

21 September 2017

Monetary and time costs can be high when recruiting The expense of recruiting can make quite a dent in the budget when trying to recruit the right person for a vacancy, as Suffolk county council recently found out to their cost.  It is reported* that not only did they spend £32,000 looking for a ne…

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Sickness Absence

11 September 2017

Sickness absence due to ‘morning sickness” In light of the news that the Duchess of Cambridge had to cancel a recent appointment due to suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), or as more commonly known, extreme morning sickness, I wondered just how this affects the average employer; and just wh…

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Fire Safety Fines

04 September 2017

Is there a difference in a health and safety fine compared to a fire safety fine? A question that I have been wondering about for some time. You would you’re a health and safety person! Well, yes I suppose I am and proud of it! Back to my quandary. It would appear that two companies were co-handed…

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Probation Periods

31 August 2017

Why do we have probation periods? Although there is no statutory requirement to include probationary periods in an employment contract, this process is recommended to monitor a new or newly promoted employee’s performance. There is no set period that a probation should be for and therefore it shoul…

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Stacking Safely

21 August 2017

Pallet stacking safely is paramount Accidents can happen if stacking safely is not adhered to.  Earlier this year a company was fined £2 million when two stacked plastic bales fell and crushed a man to death. What happened? The bales were stacked three high and around eight or nine deep, however…

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Machine Safety in the Workplace

15 August 2017

Tips for machine safety when operating machines in the workplace With a couple of recent fatalities in the waste and recycling industry associated to machinery, I want to remind everyone about their duties for machine safety. What happened? The basic principle of these tragedies was contact with…

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Drive Safely

08 August 2017

Does your business have a drive safely policy, or are you one of the 21% of businesses in the UK that lacks one? The HSE estimate that "more than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve someone who is driving as part of their work at the time."

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Tribunal Fees Ruled Unlawful

28 July 2017

Tribunal Fees Ruled Unlawful Tribunal fees were introduced on 29 July 2013 as a measure to deal with the high volume of Tribunal claims.  As a result of the implementation of this policy tribunal applications were reduced by more than 70% in 3 years! Trade body, Unison sought to challenge the gove…

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Shared Parental Leave (SPL)

24 July 2017

Shared Parental Leave causing waves in the courts! The Shared Parental Leave Regulations came into force in December 2014 allowing parents to share the care of the child over the 52 week leave period following the birth/adoption.  SPL also saw the end of additional paternity leave. Almost three ye…

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Apprenticeship Contracts

18 July 2017

Do your apprenticeship contracts fall within the scope of the new rules on apprentices? With the apprenticeship levy in full swing it is important to note that apprenticeship contracts need to be such that they fall within the scope of the new rules on apprentices, rather than the old common-law ru…

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QInteractive Sharing of Business and HR Expertise

11 July 2017

QInteractive 2017 - Another highly successful event Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who attended QInteractive 2017 which was held on Friday, 30th June at Leicester Race Course. We would like to extend a special thanks to our guest speakers and presenters Wasim Khan, Eileen Richards, Chris…

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Improving Health & Safety Efficiency in the Workplace

05 July 2017

What lessons can we learn from children? When it comes to living in the adult world, we sometimes need to take a step back and reflect on what we are doing/saying/teaching/treating – (delete the appropriate words) and think about how we can become better/more productive/efficient/worthy – (delete a…

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HR from a Commercial Perspective

28 June 2017

Imagine the scene – it’s Week 3 of the year’s 2nd Quarter. You know how important it is that the first month of the Q is a successful one, as it helps build momentum or maybe even carry the momentum forward from a successful Q1. Everyone is expecting you to deliver a strong performance, because that…

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Tower Block Tragedy

22 June 2017

All the staff at Qdos Consulting want to send their thoughts to the friends, family and all those affected by the fire that ravaged through the Grenfell Tower housing block on Wednesday 14th June. We also want to praise the efforts and speed of reaction by the London Fire Brigade and the teamwork o…

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Calls from the advice line - Holiday entitlement

19 June 2017

Incremental Holiday System – Increasing holiday entitlement Increasing holiday entitlement for long serving employees is one of the methods employers use to reward employees for their commitment to the company. This week a client wanted to implement an incremental holiday system based on employee…

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HAVS (Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome) - workplace disease

12 June 2017

Who is at risk of HAVS? Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a workplace disease that causes pain and damage in fingers, hands and arms. The main causes are prolonged use of power tools and operating heavy machinery. So, who is at risk? That will depend on the type of equipment you are using and…

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Dismissal due to ill health

06 June 2017

Do you know the 10 steps when dismissing an employee due to ill health? If you are considering terminating an employee’s contract on the grounds of ill health, it is important to follow a fair and reasonable procedure for someone who is on long term sick. You must ensure there are justifiable reaso…

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Workplace health and safety - to comply or not to comply?

24 May 2017

Complying with health and safety To take the hit or to comply that is the safety question! Top tips below. Companies are still willing to take the risk of not complying with health and safety legislation and those caught out are being hit massively! Is this true? What do you mean? Anecdotal evid…

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What is HR's role?

22 May 2017

HR's role is more than just peace of mind Many people would be forgiven for thinking that HR’s role was only concerned with ensuring administrative processes work smoothly and employee relation issues are managed appropriately.  All in accordance with complex and continually changing employment leg…

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Theme Park Tragedy

18 May 2017

All the staff at Qdos Consulting want to send their thoughts to the friends, family and members of the school of the poor young girl who lost her life at Drayton Manor on Tuesday. Many thoughts of ‘…how could this happen…?’ I’m sure be resonating for many people, but we know that things can happen…

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Calls from the advice line - Eligibility to work in the UK

25 April 2017

Proof of eligibility to work in the UK and Immigration Act 2016 Eligibility to work in the UK became a hot topic back in the late 2000s when the laws on illegal working were considerably bumped up. The Asylum and Immigration Act 2006 introduced civil penalties for employers who take on employees w…

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How will Brexit take shape following the general election?

19 April 2017

Regretting your vote ‘for’ or ‘against’ Brexit? Well hold on to your seats folks because a general election scheduled for 8 June 2017 could totally change the direction Britain will now go once Britain exits the European Union. Last year Britain voted to leave to the European Union. However the Pri…

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Noise at Work and Hearing Protection

18 April 2017

Hearing protection at work Hearing protection for your workers is extremely important. There is anecdotal evidence that noise induced hearing loss is fast becoming the new claim of the ambulance chasers. So how can we ensure that our workers are protected? Simply put, we must first control the lev…

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Qdos in FT’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe

13 April 2017

Qdos - one of the fastest growing companies in Europe Ranking at number 760 in the FT’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe is Qdos Holdings. Consequently, all at Qdos are delighted, especially as we also ranked at 147th out of those fastest growing businesses identified in the UK. The Financ…

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Calls from the advice line - Resigning during a period of absence

12 April 2017

What is the entitlement to pay when resigning during a period of absence? Resigning during a period of absence can cause confusion when determining what the employee’s entitlements are relating to pay. The reason for the absence could range from maternity leave to sickness but could fall under any…

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Apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Levy

27 March 2017

Is the Apprenticeship the future? Is the government pushing on an open door with its Apprenticeship Policy?  With 871,800 funded apprentices participating in an apprenticeship in 2014 to 2015, it would appear so. There is a noticeable change in attitude with clients of ours tending to receive more…

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Is there a compensation culture in the UK?

20 March 2017

Or could it be a 'mythical compensation culture'? The compensation culture is another way that people use to make a quick pound or two.  This is by suing someone or something!  Hold on, mythical compensation culture? Well apparently, in 2011 just before Lofstedt’s report into streamlining health an…

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Calls from the advice line – Apprentices

13 March 2017

Do I have to pay the minimum wage to an apprentice? This call referred to one of our clients who was thinking of taking on an apprentice and he wanted to know whether he would have to pay a minimum wage. Historically apprenticeships had long been the bane of many a business across the UK before 20…

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Safety in the Workplace - PUWER

07 March 2017

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) A recent health and safety breach, where a worker was involved in a fatal accident, made me think about putting this article together. Basically the person, who was new to his company was pressure testing a hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder cr…

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Calls from the advice line - Default Retirement Age

06 March 2017

This week our question relates to the statutory default retirement age (DRA) The DRA allowed employers to give either six or 12 months’ notice to employees approaching the age of 65 to retire. Sadly, for employers, the DRA died a death in October 2011.  There was a transitional period to 6 April 2…

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Calls from the advice line - Fixed Term Contracts

27 February 2017

Fixed term contracts - what are an employee’s rights? Fixed term contracts are deceiving by their very nature.  The vast majority of employers believe that an employee employed on a ‘fixed term’ absolves them of any liability at the point which the contract ends.  Unfortunately, this is not the cas…

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Three good reasons for managing health and safety

20 February 2017

Can managing health and safety make my business successful? A question that has probably been thought about by managers and senior figures in their organisation, but whether it made it as an agenda item at the monthly meeting is arguable. So let me give you the reasons how managing health and safe…

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Calls from the advice line - Redundancy

13 February 2017

Is redundancy okay if an employee’s work has diminished? February is a particularly busy time for the HR advice line at Qdos and redundancy has reared its head.  This week’s question is following a general theme that is running throughout this month. Question of the week Our client asked whether…

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Salary levels require a great deal of care

06 February 2017

Watch out for discrimination with salary levels The practice of paying employees less than the salary levels of other colleagues is a contractual provision that requires great care on the part of employers. Especially those who carry out the same or broadly similar functions. Job evaluation exerci…

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Calls from the advice line – Employee absences

31 January 2017

The trend of employee absences As we approach the end of January, the month of post-Christmas blues, the trend that seems to be picked up over the advice line is of employee absences. More particularly, absences without leave (AWOL). Consequently employers are calling in seeking advice on how to m…

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Health & Safety Statistics - How they impact on business?

19 January 2017

Health & safety statistics are just boring…aren’t they? Well that depends on what you see in health & safety statistics. They’re just silly percentages that mean nothing to most people! They don’t represent my workplace at all and I never take any notice of them. So when the HSE publish th…

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Fit for work - set up by Government in 2015

18 January 2017

Do you know the rationale behind the “Fit for Work” initiative? Fit for Work is free and helps employees stay in or return to work but first a little background. Employee absence is an ongoing management issue for virtually every organisation. According to a survey carried out by the Chartered Ins…

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Manufacturer’s instructions – Health and Safety at Work

04 January 2017

Do you read the manufacturer’s instructions? It is always advisable to follow manufacturer’s instructions to understand the operations of a piece of equipment. However, when we are at home generally the ‘man’ will throw away the instructions.  Then try and build or set up the equipment, get frustra…

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Time off at Christmas

20 December 2016

Five tips for managing time off at Christmas Managing time off at Christmas for staff can be tricky in a small business or team. With only a small number of people, covering holidays is more difficult. However, employees often want to take their holidays in the same week, particularly over Christma…

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Gas safety is not just for Christmas

13 December 2016

Gas safety - when did you last have yours checked? Gas safety is paramount and therefore should be checked at least annually.  However, not everyone adheres to this and consequently the last five years has seen an increase in house fires.  This is occurring in houses with gas appliances and happens…

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Dangerous Driving - Proposals to imprison drivers

12 December 2016

Drivers causing death by dangerous driving could be sentenced to life The Ministry of Justice have this week published a consultation document relating to penalties caused by dangerous driving. It states that those who speed, street race or drive whilst using a mobile phone, should face the same se…

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The Bribery Act and gifts at Christmas

12 December 2016

Does your corporate gift fall within the Bribery Act? The Bribery Act 2010 received its Royal Assent on 8 April 2010 but this is the time of year when it comes to the fore.  December, generally sees the giving and receiving of corporate gifts as a regular occurrence in many businesses. Historically…

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Absence Management – A Qdos Case Study

08 December 2016

When engaging with Qdos, our clients often don’t fully understand the journey that they are about to embark on.  Initially Qdos are typically appointed to ensure our clients are compliant from a HR perspective and offer ultimate peace of mind. Little do they know that the fee for our services is oft…

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Vulnerable Groups Act 2006

05 December 2016

Vulnerable groups and safer recruitment considerations for employers Cases of unsuitable people working with vulnerable groups, including children are coming to light more and more. For instance, the recent revelations in the world of football concerning historical child abuse allegations have bee…

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National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage

30 November 2016

Increases announced for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage A decision has been taken to introduce changes to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates from 1 April 2017 to coincide with the National Living Wage (NLW) rate which was introduced earlier this year.  Thereafter, rate cha…

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HR – What can you expect from your department today?

28 November 2016

HR gets real and moves to the fore Being involved with HR for many years has certain advantages, like, a level of confidence that comes with growing competence. This comes from exposure to multiple situations. But the real advantage of advancing years in human resource is understanding what a busin…

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Gig Economy - Making it work for your HR

24 November 2016

What is Gig economy? Gig economy is a phrase that has been alien to the UK until recently. Our American cousins have sent this over to us leaving many of us confused to its interpretation. Essentially since the recession, the UK has been leaning towards a more flexible workforce model. That is, mo…

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Time Off Work - for family emergencies

17 November 2016

Time off work – What are the statutory rights? Your employees may need time off work if or when they deal with an emergency.  The Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA) implemented a law for this.  It affords employees certain statutory rights when they require time off work.  However, this is in the cas…

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Uber drivers are not self-employed for now, says Tribunal

15 November 2016

Uber drivers are not self-employed Uber drivers are not self-employed, it was decided at the London Central Employment Tribunal where higher levels of publicity than usual were received.  This was due to the high profile nature of the companies involved. The taxi firm, Uber, has been defending its…

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Fire Door Safety – Do you know what to do?

03 November 2016

5 Step Fire Door Check that anyone can do: A fire door is the difference between life and death.  A suitably fitted fire door with the correct applications can separate a room and withstand a fire for a sufficient amount of time.  Thus allow people to escape from a building. However, where there ar…

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TUPE transfer – Do you know if this has taken place?

31 October 2016

TUPE transfer definition explained The question of whether or not there has been a TUPE transfer is the subject of a large number of the employment advice calls at Qdos. The legal framework that forms the basis of advice on this issue incorporates the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employm…

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Safety management systems – for a safe working environment

26 October 2016

Safety management systems - lessons learnt from Alton Towers Safety management systems in place at work are not going to work if they are not regularly reviewed and effectively managed.  Their success depends on the attitudes of those people in the organisation.  This is sometimes known as the ‘saf…

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Health and Safety culture – clear out those skeletons

26 October 2016

Is it time to change your health and safety culture? Striving for a good health and safety culture in the workplace shouldn’t stop.  With Halloween fast approaching this is a good time of year to clear out those skeletons in the workplace!  In other words, think about changing habits. Does your wo…

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Workplace health and safety – do you know how it came about?

26 October 2016

Development of workplace health and safety started fairly recently Minimum legal workplace health and safety standards and expectations have been around pretty much since 1833.  This is when HM Factory Inspectorate was formed under the Factories Act 1833. Its main duty was to ensure the enforcement…

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Employment practices under question at Sports Direct

24 October 2016

Employment practices generate criticism The employment practices of the retailer and leisure business, Sports Direct, have been the subject of ever increasing scrutiny over recent years. The rules and policies that operate within the business, in particular at the company’s headquarters in Derbyshi…

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Employment Tribunals - what do the statistics show?

19 October 2016

Employment Tribunals – summary of activity Every three months, the Government publishes a summary of the activity within the Employment Tribunals system and, as always, the figures make interesting reading for employers. The data published for the period from January to March 2016 indicates that th…

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Cycle to Work – Is it right for your business?

18 October 2016

Cycle to work – encourage your employees A cycle to work scheme can encourage employees to make healthier and greener journeys to work. Under the scheme, your employees could be loaned a bike and/or additional cycling safety equipment plus other accessories by your organisation. Thus enabling them…

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HSE construction inspectors - will you be visited by them?

06 October 2016

HSE construction inspectors to carry out unannounced visits HSE construction inspectors will be carrying out unannounced visits to sites where refurbishment projects or repair works are underway. The initiative is being undertaken as a series of two week inspections across the country - the inspec…

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Latest legislation updates to keep you safe at work

06 October 2016

Latest legislation updates - keep safe at work Below is a list of latest legislation updates to keep you safe at work.  If you are new to health and safety, see our guide on Getting Started -  as health and safety legislation does not have to be complicated. Hazardous waste - April 2016 From 1 Ap…

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Law on Whistleblowing - Do you understand it?

29 September 2016

What is the law on whistleblowing? The law on whistleblowing stipulates that, if employees believe that there is some wrong doing  or malpractice happening in their workplace, they can ‘blow the whistle’ on the behaviour.  If employees do 'blow the whistle', they can be potentially protected from l…

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Overseas workers - EU and non EU citizens

21 September 2016

Uncertainty of employing overseas workers A high degree of uncertainty around the issue of employing overseas workers has resulted due to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union . The recent piecemeal comments on the shape of the future policy on immigration and overseas workers’ rights have…

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New Qdos HR Website - have you taken a look yet?

25 August 2016

Along with a new look and fresh images, we have made the new HR website more interactive and easier to navigate.  Our goal was to engage visitors with useful tools and information quickly and intuitively. We have upgraded the informative sections. Legislation and useful links are included, as well…

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Dress and Appearance - have you got a policy in place?

18 August 2016

Dress and appearance causes controversy Dress and appearance at work is in the news again. The Olympic Games has thrown up an unlikely controversy involving the BBC Sports presenter, Helen Skelton. Her own attire attracted a high volume of complaints from viewers even thought she was presenting a b…

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Garden Leave - do you know what this is?

18 August 2016

What is it and when should garden leave be applied? Garden Leave, is a measure that is often used by employers. It is used to keep employees, who are leaving the organisation, out of the workplace during their notice period. It can be applied to any employee, regardless of their status. Although it…

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Fees for Intervention - what does this mean?

18 August 2016

HSE’s cost recovery scheme 'Fees for Intervention' goes up The HSE’s cost recovery scheme, 'Fees for Intervention' designed to shift the financial burden away from the tax payer to non-safety compliant businesses has gone up. The scheme came in to force in 2012, as the then coalition government pu…

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Extension Lead Safety - How do you stay safe?

18 August 2016

Extension lead safety - the guidelines Extension lead safety should be considered. You’re not going to tell us that extension leads are no longer safe are you? Of course not, but… (There’s always a but with you!) …you must follow some simple guidelines when using them. Remember health and safety is…

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Cycle Crash - could it have been negligence?

09 August 2016

Chris Boardman angry about Olympic cycle crash A cycle crash prompted Chris Boardman, a former Olympic gold winning cyclist and the voice behind safe cycling in the UK, to claim that the Olympic race organisers were negligent. The Dutch cyclist, who was leading the race with no other cyclists in si…

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Settlement Agreements - is yours legally binding?

02 August 2016

Settlement agreements are legally binding contracts Settlement agreements (commonly known as compromise agreements prior to 2013) are legally binding contracts. They are drawn up to remove employees’ rights to bring a claim arising out of their contracts of employment to an Employment Tribunal or o…

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Unfair dismissal of employee and the Polkey reduction

02 August 2016

Awards in unfair dismissal cases Where an award is made to a successful claimant in an Employment Tribunal unfair dismissal case, it will normally be made up of two distinct component parts. Firstly, there is the “basic award”, which is calculated as a sum equivalent to the notional statutory redu…

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Age Discrimination in the workplace - do you know what this is?

21 July 2016

Age discrimination and the law? Specific age discrimination law forms part of the Equality Act 2010, having been first introduced into the UK in 2006. This Act consolidates all of the other laws on matters of potential discrimination; relating to all of the “protected characteristics” that exist in…

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Dismissal due to ill health and the disciplinary procedure

21 July 2016

Dismissal due to ill health - following the disciplinary procedure Dismissal due to ill health - a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decision has helpfully clarified the question of whether or not an employer should follow their disciplinary procedure when dismissing an employee on the ground…

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Employment Law and Brexit - how will this impact on business?

21 July 2016

How will this affect the employment law framework? Like many aspects of economic and social life in the UK at the present time, there is a high degree of uncertainty surrounding the medium and long term picture of our employment law framework. However, in the short term at least, the situation is c…

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Dress Issues at Work

30 June 2016

Introducing rules on dress in the workplace The recent story involving the instruction given to a female agency worker that she should get herself a pair of high heels if she wanted to stay in her role, continues to run and run. But is this fair, what are the rules when it comes to dress in the wor…

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When Personal Relationships go Wrong at Work

30 June 2016

British Gas Trading Ltd v Miss K Price Personal relationships that develop in the workplace have often led to difficulties for employers for a variety of reasons, not least when something unexpectedly goes wrong between the two employees involved. This was certainly the situation, in the Employment…

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New Immigration Act is given Royal Assent

30 June 2016

Control of immigration? The current debate relating to the forthcoming EU Referendum is gathering pace day by day. The two central issues surrounding the arguments of both sides remain the control of immigration and the potential impact of the vote on the country’s economic health. The “Brexit” ca…

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Trade Union Act 2016

30 June 2016

Its impact on industrial action Following agreement by both Houses of Parliament on the text and detail of the Bill, the Trade Union Act finally received Royal Assent on 4th May 2016 and will impact on the way in which industrial action is organised. It will come into force on a date still to be co…

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Breaching the Health & Safety Act

30 June 2016

Prosecuted £1m plus costs A young worker was killed by an exploding pneumatic tyre when trying to repair a puncture. The tyre belonged to a dresser or wheeled loading shovel.  The company was subsequently prosecuted £1m and ordered to pay costs of £99,485 How did it happen? The resulting investiga…

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Sports Direct Branding Took a Further Hit

30 June 2016

Paying less than the National Minimum Wage Today, Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley admitted to MPs that his business is paying less than the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to some of its workers, and has agreed to back pay the underpayments. Previous criticism of the company abusing its zero hour co…

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Gas Safe Engineer and Trusting the Triangle

30 June 2016

Is your engineer a registered Gas Safe engineer? The HSE are running a mini-campaign on knowing your gas safe engineer, the campaign is ‘Trust the Triangle.’ A list of possibilities why your gas engineer is cheap and why you need to check credentials: Unqualified – a person working with any gas…

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New Sentencing Guidelines

07 June 2016

Guidance to judges when prosecuting for health & safety breaches Firstly, you may be asking what the new sentencing guidelines are. Well simply put, they came into force on the 1st February to provide guidance to magistrate and crown court judges for prosecuting individuals and businesses, for…

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Data Protection and Privacy in the Workplace

07 June 2016

Processing of personal information by employers The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) incorporates the main bulk of existing legislation on the issue of privacy at work and the processing of personal information by employers. The latest addition to the Data Protection related legislation arrived in De…

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Employee Falsifies a Sickness Claim

03 June 2016

Tribunal case of bus driver who alleged injury This week, we examine the facts of a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case to illustrate the options open to employers if they suspect an employee of feigning an illness or injury. In particular, we focus on the investigation of the facts in a case su…

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Over her 20+ years in HR, Hema draws her expert specialist knowledge from a broad range of industries including retail, consumer goods, leisure and customer service.

Kerry Bell

Senior HR & Business Partner

Kerry recently joined Qdos and has over 20 years experience in HR and Training. She graduated with a degree in Politics and has a Masters in HR Management and Staff Development – she is a full chartered member of the CIPD.

Arti Patel

HR Business Partner

Arti Patel has recently joined the Qdos HR consultancy team as a HR Business Partner. Arti has a strong background in HR and is a fully qualified CIPD member, she has worked with challenging casework and has a good understanding of how to deal with workplace matters as they arise.

Chris Burrows

HS Training Business Partner

Chris Burrows has had a varied career within Health and Safety and gained qualifications. These include; member of IOSH with technical status and also NEBOSH with instructor and assessing qualifications.

Ruth Frank

Employment Law Consultant

Although a career in employment law was furthest from Ruth's mind when she attained her Law Degree at Coventry University, she has since found her passion for all things HR!

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